Creative and appreciative adventuring that makes the most of every landscape.

I’ve spent the last 20 years learning about environmental and conservation issues, got a master’s degree in Environmental Studies and spend my professional life as the communication director of a national conservation nonprofit.

But my connection to the outdoor world began 18 years before I started learning about policy and federal land management. I grew up outdoors. It wasn’t a place we slipped through, a place braved for a between-the-car-and-the-house moment; it was a place we spent the whole day, sunny days as well as snowy days, days that smelled of the ocean and days that were spent cheering at soccer, baseball and tennis tournaments. I drove to LL Bean the first night I got my driver’s license and tried on internal frame packs with my buddy.

Simply put, I love being outside, moving through a landscape with tools and techniques that minimize my presence while maximizing my enjoyment. I don’t always win at both, but it’s pretty cool when I do.



Winter Wilderness

To celebrate the 50th Anniversary of the Wilderness Act, I challenged myself to travel to a Wilderness Area at least once a month for the year. This story recounts my winter attempts.