Flathead Wild

The North Fork of the Flathead River has been a focus of both my advocacy and my writing for the past several years. Yesterday, the Lt. Governor of British Columbia said that the area would be off limits to mining, oil, gas, or coal bed methane development.  This is pretty fantastic news and has been getting a lot of press here in Montana the last day or two.  Since the 1980’s this area has been in the sights of industrial development, and only though the dedicated efforts of conservationists in Canada and the U.S. has this area been saved from the ravages of industrial development.  I’m clearly super stoked and proud of my contributions, however limited, to the efforts that have helped to preserve this amazing place.  You can read all about the Flathead and my adventures there in my thesis, just click the “My Writing” tab at the top of the page to find the essays.  Below are a few photos my friend and trip partner Aaron Teasdale (check out his site – he’s an amazing photographer and writer) snapped on our trip down the river this summer.

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